Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Review - possible spoilers

So I took my mom to see "Red Riding Hood" on Friday. Yes, they were playing it in the 21+ theater, no we did not have a drink. I was sad to note they are not longer carrying my fave bubbly, Rosa Regale. If you haven't had it, I suggest buying your fave piece of chocolate, a bottle of this awesome champagne and get down! But I didn't let that get me down. We ordered the appropriate greasy goodness and settled into the plush over-sized rocker chairs.

Was the movie great? No. Was it good? Based on my expectations, yes. I really did not have high hopes for this movie. I put it up there with the "Twilight" movies. That way when its over I'm not angry about the 2 hours I just spent in there.

Now the acting was far and away better than the "Twilight" movies, but with Gary Oldman how could it not be? But we're meant to think of this as a medieval mountain town somewhere in Europe and everyone has and American accent and using modern American slang. Seriously, they said "okay" many, many times. That grates on my nerves. Oh and the main love interest had Robert Pattinson hair. That is unacceptable.

The plot was fine, as far as that goes, but I'm not big on stories that have 4-5 red herrings. Is he the wolf? No, him? Wait, her? I hate that. Misdirection is fine, but when you have a story that wants you to think that EVERYONE could be the bad guy it becomes cheesy and cliche.

The ending was no surprise, but most of the movie had little surprise.

I'm afraid I sound like I hated the movie, and I didn't, but if you got to see it with high expectations you're going to be as disappointed as you were walking out of "The Da Vinci Code." Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I blog about writing too much.

Because I don't have a bunch of writer friends with whom I can expound about the trials and tribulations about writing I realize that I put it here. And that is pretty much all that my blog is about. And really, that's kinda boring. Yeah, a post here and there, but not all of them. And I realized, with the little light bulb burning my hair, that is probably the reason why it's hard for me to write blogs. So on to something new!

My mom's birthday was yesterday and I told her I'd take her to the movies, to whatever one she wants to see. Sadly the one she really wants to see doesn't come out until Friday, so we've postponed her birthday until then. I'm taking her to see Red Riding Hood. Doesn't it look wonderfully awful? I am so excited to see it. There are some movies that you see the trailers for and you just know its going to be an awesome, well plotted, well acted movie that is well worth the $10 a ticket. And then there are others that you just know wont even get the smallest nomination, except maybe the Razzie Awards, but you just can't resist going to see.

I know we all have movies that we love and will watch over and over again no matter how terrible a movie it really was if you took the time to look at it intellectually. But seriously does a movie have to be dramatic and serious for it to be good? Does it have to be perfectly acted and directed? No. It just has to be a good time and not make you mad that you spent the money on it, let alone the two hours of your life you'll never get back.

Red Riding Hood looks like one of these movies. I think its gonna be cheesy. I think its gonna be totally cliche. And I think its gonna be a really good time. And hopefully it'll be playing in the 21+ theater in Thousand Oaks so we can enjoy a glass of bubbly while we watch. My guess? Red Riding Hood is the wolf. We'll see if I'm right.

Another movie I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm looking forward to is Suckerpunch. Oh, yeah, this looks terrible and totally worth it. I'll let you know how both turn out.