Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goals are meant to be broken

So I last wrote saying that I wanted to finish this 4th installment by my birthday on Christmas. To be honest with myself, it may not happen. I'm not sad about it because I've always allowed my writing to happen organically and I've never been able to force it. This particular book has been intense and a struggle. I'm just not surprised these last two weeks have been slow going. And as I write my mind zooms back and forth between scenes already written, and I know I have to make changes to the story. I also had a conversation with a Sheriffs Deputy who is a friend of mine last night and I know theres another correction I have to go back and make. I know where the story is going, what the struggle is is the getting there. Sometimes I think I should write the big scene towards the end and then try to connect the story to it after. Kind of like how they'll shoot a movie out of order. I've never tried that. I don't know if I'll damage the book tho. They're predicting a week of rain next week, maybe work will be shut down and I can lock myself in my office and just bang it out. I can see how erratic my mind is just by reading what I'm writing here. At least the weather is more conducive to my mood. 84* on 12/12 is just wrong and puts me in a bad mood. Okay, time to focus. Right now, all I want is 500 words. That's all and then I can go run errands. I can do this.


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