Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dangers of Checking Your Sales

I’m a bad blogger. I need to write a few blogs when the inspiration hits so I can just go and pick one out and post when I go through a blogging slump.

Life gets in the way of creativity and sadly blogging counts in that group. Tines are tough for everyone right now and the hubs and I are feeling the pinch so I’ve been all consumed with how we can pull out of these rough times. I feel like all I do all day long is talk about my book, try to push my book and then the rest of the time I spend checking to see if I’ve sold anymore in the last five minutes.

Whether you self-publish, like me, or go the traditional route you’re gonna find yourself obsessing over checking your sales and stats. Just the other day there was about an hour where the Kindle Direct Publishing reports were down; no one could log in and see their reports. It was only an hour, and maybe if I hadn’t tried to log in just then and found out about it, I wouldn’t have cared. But I did try to log in and for that whole hour I was in a panic because I couldn’t check my sales. So heed my words people, be careful not to let that become an obsession for you. It’s hard, believe me, but just try to distract yourself. Let your sales be happy little surprises, don’t let the lull in sales be the slow poison in your veins.
So that’s my little jewel of insight for you today kiddies. Hopefully I can take my own advice.


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