Thursday, July 7, 2011

How I'm Getting Through the Rough Times

Times are tough for the Granger Household right now, just as they are for so many right now. We almost made it through the recession unscathed, but just as I decided to self-publish and the Hubs decided to go back into the Fitness Industry, we were hit hard by the economic strain that’s been plaguing the country. We’re trying to stay positive, with a few temper tantrums thrown in to release the stress, but we’re pushing forward. I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I know that if it’s worth it – whatever your “it” may be – it’s going to take hard work to achieve.

So, what’s helping me get through these times? I’ll tell you. I’m allowing, and budgeting, for small pleasures. I think that’s key to get through any hard time. You can’t just live with the strain and accept that you’re not allowed to do anything fun because you can’t afford the money it may cost, even if it’s just the cost of gas getting somewhere.

I bought our tickets for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 last week. Oh, there was just no way I was going to miss this. Yes, I really wanted to see the Midnight showing, but the Hubs just isn’t down for that so we didn’t. But we are seeing it on July 15; I wasn’t going to wait one day more to see it. And I budgeted for us to see it in what I like to call, “The Good Theater”. We have a theater that’s about a half an hour drive away (yes, we have closer theaters) that allows you to reserve your seats when you buy your tickets. So, we no longer have to line up in the theater hours before the show actually begins. We can even show up after the previews start and our seats will still be there, waiting for us. What else is amazing about this theater? There are three screens reserved strictly for 21 and older and they serve a full bar at the concession stand and real food from the restaurant attached to the theater. So yes, that’s where we will be enjoying the final installment of one of the most influential books of all time. If we weren’t, this rough patch would be all the harder on me.

Another way we’re getting through this time is allowing ourselves to buy small treats at the grocery store when we go for staples. I’ve allowed myself a bottle of wine here and there (nothing over $7 right now) and the Hubs bought beer and we’ve bought ice cream. Little things like this make you feel more normal when you’re spending every night at home rather than going out.

Our little beach town had finally recognized that it is in fact summer and heated up sufficiently so we’ve started lying out again. Over the weekend we turned on the radio, grabbed our Nooks, poured some spiked ice-tea and soaked in the sun rays for the first time in almost a year.

It’s these small things that keep us feeling sane and normal while I work on writing and promoting and while the Hubs works on his certifications and building a client base. It’s slow going, no doubt about that, but I think it’s worth it. So if you’re at home, wondering how you’re going to make it through these rough times, remember you have a goal you’re reaching for and working towards, but that if you don’t allow yourselves some small pleasures you’ll crack under the pressure. We’re all human; you need to feel that way.


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