Friday, October 21, 2011

Spooky Swap!

A Tale of Many Reviews started this awesome Halloween Spooky Swap for book bloggers and authors so of course I had to sign up.

Yesterday I received my package from my swap partner, Christi Aldellizzi. Now, since this was the first year I’ve participated in this, I wasn’t really sure how much would be overkill and I’m the kind of gift-giver that will go overboard if not kept in check. So this time I didn’t want to be that person, but now that I received my package I am kicking myself that I didn’t put more things in her box.

So here’s what I sent:

My partner wrote that she was slightly Disney-obsessed and liked the color purple and to have little things to display on her desk at work. Well awesome! I had just been to Disneyland for their Halloweentime and knew what nifty things they had that you cannot get anywhere else, not even online. Better still, my friend was going to Disneyland that week and agreed to pick up the items I wanted. So I got Christi a Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch and her costume was purple! And they sell candy apples done to imitate Minnie the Witch – perfect!

As far as books go Christi really just said that she didn’t read Vamps and Weres (which I can understand is over done for some) and that while she liked Dystopian, she wasn’t on the Zombie bandwagon yet. Okay, no worries! I have read some awesome Dystopian that wasn’t Zombie-centric. So I found her Goodreads list and yes, she had read all the books I was thinking of for her. Fail, for me. But I saw that she wanted to read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and, though I hadn’t read it yet, the reviews I had read were good and many said the book was “creepier than they expected.” Halloween, spooky swap, creepy, perfect!

And, though you cant see it in the pic, I tossed in some cute bat stickers for good measure since she said she liked bat decorations. Now, I felt pretty good about the package I put together, that was, until I got mine.

This is what I opened:

She blew me out of the water!

I had mentioned that I was a huge Neil Gaiman fan but that I had mostly only bought his ebooks
and only owned a paperback of Stardust. So Christi sent me the graphic novel of Coraline and the DVD! The DVD! I didn’t even realize I didn’t own that yet!

And she sent me squishy Halloween socks! I love Halloween socks!

And she sent me an awesome little candle holder and a luminary with a pumpkin face!

And look at all this candy!

So Christi is awesome and I shouldn’t’ve second guessed myself and sent her all the things I reached for. Hopefully Christi likes Disney enough to make up for it!


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