Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day After Release - Sending Some Love

So my second novel, Air, dropped yesterday. It was kinda weird releasing on a holiday, and yes, I think of Halloween as a real holiday. The hobbits had second breakfast; well Halloween is my second Christmas, and it is Shayna’s birthday! So of course Air had to be released on Halloween!

I have no idea who was the first person to buy a copy of Air, but just like whomever that first person was to buy Earth, I love you. I’m sending you cosmic hugs and love for what you’ve done for me.

Speaking of sending out love to people, I cannot tell you how amazing this tour was for me. Julie, of A Tale of Many Reviews, is an amazing, helpful person. She has so much going on and yet she is still happy to help indies like me. I am so grateful for what she’s done for me and is continuing to do. She’s even offered to host a second tour for me for Air. The tour will run December 12-16 so keep an eye out for special prizes again! I will personally be putting together a special Solstice-Christmas gift package for the winner!

I have to say another thank you to some of the most amazing bloggers who joined my tour. You all had some of the nicest, most amazing things to say about my book. Every day of the tour I woke up terrified I’d see something that would shatter my world, but every day there was nothing but fabulous, validating things for me to read about my book! Yes, there were honest criticisms, but that means just as much to me. That tells me they read my book and really thought about it. Someone’s time is incredibly important, and I know that, so thank you for spending some of it with me and my imaginary friends. I really hope you all will join me on the second tour!


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