Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reader Questions Part 1

I've been writing so much lately that I put it to my readers to ask me some questions they'd like answered to help me get back into the blogging groove. So for the next few entries I'll be answering questions from my readers.

When is Spirit coming out?!?! Any plans for a TV series or a movie deal?

These are two relatively short questions that I think I can answer in one post.

Spirit is scheduled for release on April 30th in the US and probably May 1st in the UK thanks to the time difference. I released Earth on May 1st 2011 so it seems appropriate that the final installment come out on the anniversary of the birth of the series. I am excited, sad and a little bit scared to release the final book in the series. It has gone by so fast and yet it will have been two years since the first book came out. It’s hard for me to understand how long and short the same amount of time can be.

As for the question about a movie or TV series, I have to say, thinking about that seems so pretentious! Lol! But I would never turn down the idea of either. Because Young Adult Fantasies are in such high demand right now, it is difficult not to hear talk about this possibility. But as of right now, there is nothing I can share with you. But if I had my druthers I would prefer a movie deal to a TV series. Seems like TV series never end up following the books, like, at all.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness Spirit is coming out in a few months! You left us with a ginormous cliff hanger! :p

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