Monday, May 16, 2011

15 days published

My book went live on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon on 5/2 (I planned on being live on 5/1 but it takes that long to get through the queues) so it’s been 15 days since I was published. And so far I’ve sold 27 copies. That’s almost 2 a day. I am not embarrassed to say that I had secretly hoped my sales would take off like a wildfire, but realistically I knew that it would be slow going. At the beginning at the very least. I suffer from IGS – that’s Instant Gratification Syndrome for those of you who haven’t been affected by this affliction. So it’s been an uphill battle not hating myself for not selling more. But I will say selling that first book on that first day to a complete stranger was awesome and worked as a wonderful tonic for my IGS.

Another exciting development is that I have had six book bloggers agree to read and review Earth. I have no idea how quick or long they may take but I am just stoked that many have agreed. Fingers crossed they like it. I know not everyone will, and that’s okay, really it is, but I’m hoping and praying. I’d like to say that I wont read their reviews just in case they aren’t flattering, but I’d just be kidding myself. I’m totally going to read them. For good or bad. But no matter what there will be nothing I can say. If the reviews are “bad” all I can say is, “Thank you for taking the time to read my work and review it.” And if the reviews are “good” all I can say is, “Thank you for taking the time to read my work and review it.” Although my “Thank you” will be a little more emphatic. Its though holding your tongue. But really, if a reviewer didn’t like my book I honestly don’t think I’d be mad. I think I’d be sad. I know you cant please every reader but I know how I am and I would just be bummed. But that’s the way it goes. So fingers crossed!

Now I would like to dive into the new challenge offered by the notorious Chuck Wendig. I’m really enjoying these flash fiction challenges. They get me out of my WIPs and its like shaking off the cobwebs. But more than that they are offering me insights to new ideas for new stories, which is super exciting. I’ve already created two new characters that I didn’t know were in my head, one a fairy and one a witch, and both are so entertaining to me! It’ll be interesting to see who this next challenge introduces me to.


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