Monday, May 9, 2011

Thor - Movie Review No Spoilers

Let me start off by saying that I love comic books. However, growing up I didn’t really read the “traditional” comic books. Instead I was in love with ElfQuest, Death, Purgatory and Lady Death. Lighthearted stuff like that. But I did enjoy X-men (Beast and Gambit were my favorites) and Thor from the “boy realm.” But we didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid so when I bought comic books, really any book, it had to be important for me to spend that money so I only have a few comic books still in their protective sleeves hidden away.

Anything based on mythical legend will intrigue me, so of course I liked Thor. Norse Mythology is very interesting to me; I always enjoy pointing out some of the things we do in modern day holidays that we got from Norse Mythology. But when I first heard that Chris Hemsworth was casted as Thor I was dismayed. My husband remembered better what he looked like in A Perfect Getaway than I did and assured me that he thought Mr. Hemsworth could do it.

And boy was my husband right. Mr. Hemsworth looked like Thor should look. I was so pleased – as I’m sure every woman was – when we first see him shirtless. That 2 minute scene was worth the price of the ticket. With proper camera angles and the tinny tiny Natalie Portman at his side, Mr. Hemsworth pulled off the stature and the build naturally.

I knew going into this movie that it was a 2 hour movie. When the credits rolled it felt like the movie had just started. The action sequences are so well stitched together that your sense of time goes out the window. I love movies that do that. If I find myself checking my phone for the time or squirming in my seat then I know there were weak points in the plot. None exists in this movie. My husband is a self-defense instructor and I have seen him do incredible things, ala Jason Bourne, so when fight scenes show up in movies I tend to be a little more critical than most. When I watched the Asgardians fight I found myself punching my husband in the shoulder, pointing at the screen like an idiot. So needless to say they were good and realistic even though we were supposed to be watching Gods.

Along with the action there was a ton of humor I’ve come to expect from the Marvel franchise. If you haven’t seen the other Marvel movies leading up to this one, please rent them and catch up because there are a couple of inside jokes you won’t understand if you don’t. I love Kat Dennings, I think she is hilarious and I was so happy to see her shine in her supporting role. And Mr. Hemsworth pulled off the ridiculously arrogant, headstrong Thor in an entertaining way so that you didn’t slip into hating him before his transformation into just a good guy that deserves his crown. And Sir Anthony Hopkins. Dude. I can’t imagine the pressure of portraying Odin, the All Father, but if anyone could do it, it was Sir Anthony Hopkins. I have long been a fan of Mr. Hopkins (Sir Hopkins?) and I was pleased to have that admiration renewed in Thor. I have never been a big fan of Natalie Portman, I don’t know why, she’s a fine actress, she just bugs me. But I have to admit, albeit grudgingly, she played Jane Foster very well. She was endearing without being annoying.

And of course people please, please, please stay until after the credits finish rolling. I will never understand, after this many years, how so many people get up and leave a Marvel movie before the last credit rolls.

So yes, Thor was worth spending the money to see it in the theaters. Go. Go now!


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