Friday, May 6, 2011


Having never indulged in any state of mind altering drugs, outside a gallon or two of alcohol, I cannot always understand their charismatic power over people. That being said, I feel the closest I can come to understanding this is through certain soul shaking, mind bending, mouthwatering artists. Tonight, musicians.

It is amazing to me, no matter what state of mind you are in, there is always at least one artist that can change everything for you. I can be as peaceful as a Hindu cow but the moment that beat pulses the floor and the words "how your dogma has abandoned you" penetrate my ears, I am empowered with a rage and a fury that only the wind knows the language of. And instantly soothed by the whispered "Gotta cut away, clear away snip away and sever this umbilical residue, keeping me from killing you..."

I am engulfed and filled to burst, a drowning victim no longer fighting the current of the crushing oblivion. I know nothing outside of this perfect moment, created just for me.

"You don't see me at all..."

(I plan to write a longer entry on the effect music has on my writing, but this is what I've got right now.)


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